Monday, 23 December 2013


I have never supported the BJP but I have no hesitation in saying I would prefer their Govt. in Delhi rather than these bunch of AAP jokers. Not many people have bothered to see beyond the AAP rhetoric and study their political and economic agenda. These people are a dangerous fringe group of ultra-left, anarchist radicals who can only exist by pitting people against each other and destroying harmony. The raison de’ etre or the reason for existence of the AAP is to generate a state of perpetual conflict.
If the AAP were to be believed then they can only achieve their ‘water and electricity revolution’ by either bankrupting Delhi state coffers or pulling the con of the decade. We might hate the Reliance group for their no nonsense manner of electricity distribution in Delhi but tell me one entity including the erstwhile state electricity board DVB that will give you electricity without a profit motive. Fast running meters are a problem but assuming that all meters are fixed to generate inflated bills has to be a conspiracy that seems to be straight out of the Stalinist era. The modus operandi of Mr Kejriwal is a page taken again from that era - Play upon real or imagined fears of the vulnerable sections of society, champion yourself as a messiah who will deliver the impossible and then foist a law upon the people (Lokpal) that will help you to wipe out opposition and imprison real and imagined enemies to your cause. That’s right: the Lokpal (Kejriwal version) is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation that will help these anarchists to use the Lokpal like the guillotine to decapitate any kind of opposition that these people face on the way.
A crusade against Lal battis of politicians, real and imagined corruption, the have and have nots, no FDI in retail are all popular rallying causes but we have to be pragmatic that governance is not about doling freebies but taking compassionate but equally pragmatic decisions for the general good of the people.
Sadly all this is least on the AAP agenda. Their single point agenda will be a search for real and imagined enemies and not governance. This will become clear sooner rather than later. A party like the AAP can only thrive if there is strife and chaos all around. The AAP now has Delhi by the scruff of its neck and ominously it will soon have the Lokpal ‘guillotine’ as it comes marching in. Let’s see whose head first rolls on the ground.

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Justice for Devyani is at best the hors’ de oeuvres before a meal. The real issue is a civilizational clash between Asian and western value systems in the Devyani case. We for instance bring up our children by encouraging then to study long hours, with the mum supervising the study routine by feeding in the child nutritious meals, the domestic pitching in by making tea, giving the child Bournvita with milk in the night and generally the entire house pitching in to help the child perform well in exams. There is no talk of 40 hours a week etc because everything is geared to make the child perform well, go to IIT etc and then move to the US for a high paying job. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that significant credit of Wall Street’s domination over world economic matters can be given to the Tiger moms of China, India and South Korea. This is a reality of life and it might appear cruel, over the top and out of place in the new world but this is the Mandarin, Bharatiya , the Oriental or call it what you will way of doing things. At ground zero it works like this in Asia and not the way the Americans and others would have us believe.
Going by changes in US law then the Tiger Mom could be held culpable for cruelty to the child, the domestic etc and all them could be charged and thrown in jail. Can Preet Bharaa do this? I can eat with a fork and knife but in my private moments I like to eat my rajma chawal with my hands.

All those who support Preet Bhara and company fail to realize that the ‘ rights’ that America is so fond of talking about is a double edged weapon used by America in war of civilizations. Let me be bold enough to say that if we succumb to American pressure then we surrender what really is our strength and encourage this new form of American colonialism.