Friday, 31 August 2012

AS I HEAD TO THE 51st……..

The fury of desire and ambition now a disused lighthouse signaling to no one
A derelict canopy of the mind erected in honour of times gone past
When like Alexander I had once swept past cutting, savaging, burning to the ground
Tradition, convention, the pious and all that shit
Carrying wounds of a lifetime but still going forward with bloodlust
Te seek a place for myself in the sun and be damned everyone
That was a time and there was lust and desire
Till one day I woke up in middle age having transited into careful times.
Now the memory and the ink keeps me going
There are no more wars to be won for desire unrequited
The clatter of keys on my laptop is my call to arms
I can still shear and shed blood
With the raging battles of the mind.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


The syphilisation of Joyce’s civilization
The twitterization of the present generation
The political correction of the bedroom revolution
The sterilization of free speech innovation
The terrorization of a green tree chipping incident
The morbidization of daily political soap operas on television
The ostracization of meat eating denizens
The list is long, like Schindler’s condemned for termination
With each passing generation
The gap widening between intent and execution.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sunny Leone and Anna Hazare: both are Honest Do-Good-ers with a track record of exemplary community service !

Sunny Leone and Anna Hazare:  both are Honest Do-Good-ers with a track record of exemplary community service !
 sunny leone.jpgAnna-Hazare-fasts.jpg

 The world is a stage and JantarMantar in Delhi, the centre of the universe. At least it was for woh 10 din. A disbelieving audience watched with amazement as a die-hard anti corruption crusader morphed into a politician in less than twenty four hours. At the same time a porn star rode her way into the hearts and you-know-whereof an equally amazed audience all across the country. There is no escaping from the truth that a Porn Queen and a Veteran Agitationist are the new sundae flavours in town, one delicious while the other which has finally come out of the freezer and is in a state of meltdown.

Both are honest, Do-Gooders with a track record of exemplary community service. They cleanse the corrupted of their corruption. Both are totally uninhibited in reaching out to newer audiences, especially the young. Both blow hot and cold with their flock and both have perfected various kind of asanas – Anna Hazare upright at times but usually lying down because he is always fasting and Sunny is forever using thekaamka sutras because she is so good with them.

Both talk of the body and the mind. Anna ji is forever ready to lay down his life, and therefore his body, for the country. Similarly Sunny is  never reluctant to lay down and give up her body for the larger good of the people, a community, a town, the country and perhaps the world.Annaji of course has a greatly evolved mind which constantly keeps expanding with a world of new ideas. Annaji’s biggest idea,  ‘an idea whose time has come’,  is that we should hang each and every Minister  and then later constitute the Lokpal to find out whether they were really corrupt. Sunny of course is very familiar with the ‘come, come idea’ because she has lived with all the coming all her adult life ! As great minds think alike consider the fact that both Annaji and Sunny Leone have embraced the radical idea that if you don’t agree with them then you are liable to be whipped black and blue! Surprised! Don’t be! In Annaji’s village all those who dare to drink are tied to a tree and whipped by Annaji, black and blue! Sunny also perhaps inspired by Annaji, does very much the same routine. She ties her perpetrators at the bed stand and then beats them black, blue or even pink, in her creatively produced bondage films!

So now how to get these two great souls, together? This is important in light of the fact that the crowds at JantarMantar were quite depleted this time around as compared to last year. I have a humble suggestion. I saw ArvindKejriwal weakened from fasting lying on the main dias, next to Annaji. Next time around when the agitation starts ArvindKejriwal should be taken backstage kicking and screaming and in his place Sunny Leone should be asked to lie down next to Annaji. I promise you the India against corruption organizers would not have to worry about crowds ever again!