Friday, 31 August 2012

AS I HEAD TO THE 51st……..

The fury of desire and ambition now a disused lighthouse signaling to no one
A derelict canopy of the mind erected in honour of times gone past
When like Alexander I had once swept past cutting, savaging, burning to the ground
Tradition, convention, the pious and all that shit
Carrying wounds of a lifetime but still going forward with bloodlust
Te seek a place for myself in the sun and be damned everyone
That was a time and there was lust and desire
Till one day I woke up in middle age having transited into careful times.
Now the memory and the ink keeps me going
There are no more wars to be won for desire unrequited
The clatter of keys on my laptop is my call to arms
I can still shear and shed blood
With the raging battles of the mind.

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