Friday, 6 September 2013

Discordant notes in Srinagar

Ever since my earlier days as a TV correspondent, when once in a while one went to Kashmir, I have been struck by a deep sense of racism, barely concealed, infecting the so called civil society movement and the separatist movement out there.
Most of these worthies have never identified with the problems of Muslim brethren in other parts of the country. In private conversations they have always looked upon themselves as a race and a community apart and most of them are extremely colour prejudiced.
The same disease has surfaced in the Zubin Mehta concert to be held today. The real reason why many of these groups are opposed to this concert is that Zubin has ostensibly been close to Israel and has conducted the Israeli philharmonic orchestra for a number of years.
Sadly one had thought music cuts across religion, caste and ethnic divide.

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