Wednesday, 22 January 2014


The Somnath Bharti case has become a test case to prove whether the very same people who fought pitched battles for Nirbhaya and empowerment for women will walk the talk when it comes to equal right and justice for women. Way back in the movie ‘THE ACCUSED’ Jodie Foster played the award winning role of a prostitute who is raped by a gang of drunk men in a bar. Based on a real life incident the movie makes the point that even a prostitute has equal rights as any other woman and she cannot be violated against her will. So even assuming that some of the Ugandan women in Khirki village, might have been sex workers, the due process of law in terms of serving summons, an investigation by officers with a lady officer present – all this should have been followed. Not only was all this disregarded but Bharti with purpose outraged the decency and modesty of these African nationals. Let’s face it: Bharti is an accused in this matter and more than water and power and Lokpal bills this is the real test case for the Kejriwal govt. whether it is prepared to walk it’s talk.

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