Friday, 1 June 2012


This is my personal wish list. Is it yours also?

Will the day ever come when I said something and the wife understood the same?
To stop having nightmares one month before the wife’s birthday. Why? Because I always forget it.
Pretend the daily 11 am call is from an ex- girlfriend. It always happens to be my mum.
Can I ever recover my stash of ‘Debonair’ magazines which my mum cleared from my study desk 35 years back?
To use the bathroom like a bathroom and not like a Victorian era drawing room – really hope the wife is not listening!
Take possession of the remote for the 11pm movie from my 19 year old son.
Not having to go for the annual executive health check up and pretend everything is fine.
Believe or rather let some expert tell me that sleeping late every night is good for health.
That someone please outsource this job given to me by my wife. And that is to call up friends and relatives to keep in touch.
To give a paper punctured with holes to my wife at the breakfast table and say there is space for no more holes!
There’s lot more I can tell but I sense that I am in trouble already with the wife. Amen!

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