Friday, 18 May 2012


They banded and bonded together to ban it all
The band of politician brothers all agreed within at last call
Ban the IPL, cartoons, cheerleaders, short skirts, rose their militant call
Even as thousands more ban brethren swelled their rank and file with new ban calls
The band of ban brothers drew up a guillotine list
That included something called the internet and all within it
Having tasted blood they went after free speech to freeze it
Drew first blood but did not end it
Sodden with ban lust went looking for new targets
Roamed all around to return empty handed
Till their wise one looked up and saw the light
Ban the mind said he that does not mind
Short skirts and all the other silly things that is life
RK Laxman’s common man peered around a corner
To croak out a life ban for the politician
Those were the last free words the cartoon man spoke
As the ban hammer came down on him
Wiping out his banned traces in a banned world forever.

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