Thursday, 17 May 2012


There comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted. And that time is now - when we have to put an end to the lies of these MCA(Mumbai cricket Association) officials and actually ask the Mumbai police to arrest them for manhandling young boys and girls who were playing on the Wankhede pitch after the match was over. The issue is not whether ShahRukh Khan abused them. The issue is how they had the temerity to touch and manhandle young children playing on the ground!
These children could have been our kids. Even assuming these kids were out of line some sober official from Mumbai cricket association could have gone up to ShahRukh and asked his intervention in a decent manner. A section of the media have also completely missed the point that the real issue here is not star brashness but whether our kids are safe and secure in unprotected environments. We will all tune in to watch Aamir Khan talk of protecting our kids on television but we are too quick to believe that what Shah Rukh Khan is saying is not true and he is misusing his celebrity status. The visuals from Wankhede show otherwise. You can clearly see ShahRukh’s daughter Suhana and other kids looking stunned as a pack of MCA officials have descended on ShahRukh to threaten and browbeat him, without the slightest considerations for the young kids on the ground.
Assuming all this had happened to our kids. Would we have stood politely in front of these officials and ask them to carry on their perfidious behavior. I don’t know about you but I would taken them to task in my own Punjabi way! Let us for once see the truth as it really is.

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