Friday, 11 May 2012


The silly season has dawned over us and we are in the grip of the ten best syndrome! Let me explain. Many would be boarding flights right now, flying out to cool climes and exotic locations! At a time like this the mind also flies to a land of fantasy where things could have or might have been! I am going to share with you my ten best fantasies! Do you want to share yours? Here goes…
1) Receiving the Booker prize for my debut novel THE TERRORIST
2) Locked in a room with ten beautiful, stunning women discussing Kafka
3) Doing ‘Transportation’ between cities the ‘Star Trek’ way because I am scared of flying
4) I wake up in the morning with a full body of hair on my head
5) Not having to think of all the friends who have let me down
6)Hoping that Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal take permanent sanyas in the Jungles infested by Maoists
7) Just for a day crash in to three rocking, jam sessions at different locations as I once did long back during college winter fest.
8) Eat, drink and not pray, rajma chawal, mutton curry, fresh cut onion and rice and gallons of chilled beer without worrying about the calories
9) Fit into my jeans till the end of my days
10) Always believe in Louis Armstrong’s immortal rendition of ‘What a wonderful world’.

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