Tuesday, 15 May 2012


This is the story of two predators and two victims. The first predator is the sting operator who armed with a hidden camera tracks down impressionable, young greenhorns in the IPL teams, offers lucre, bribe or whatever you call it and fixes or terminates their careers forever to increase the channels TRPs’. The second and more deadly predator is the BCCI which… just wait and watch, will go after these five players, hang them dry, make sanctimonious statements through Rajiv Shukla, and completely shield the top guns which have been purchasing players in the black market. And the two victims? No prizes for guessing…it is you and me and these greenhorns who will be sacrificed at the altar to keep the IPL merry go around intact.
Sometimes the truth that stares back at you is so stark and blatant that you wonder why as a nation we are so helpless and the only recourse we have to injustice is that we vent through TV programmes or blogs such as these? Why can’t we take tough action? And that action should not be limited to suspending these greenhorns. We need to question these sting reporters who whether you like it or not are ‘inducing’ young, impressionable minds, making offers that could tempt these kids, many of them who come from humble backgrounds, who have never heard or seen so much money in life. Do we seriously expect them to be upright and conscientiousness when no one has properly trained them, and made them believe in ethical behavior?
The real truth is that based on these revelations alone the entire IPL should temporarily be disbanded and a proper audit should be conducted by an independent authority or by retired judges of impeccable credentials. How do we know whether all this is only the tip of the iceberg? Maybe match or spot fixing in IPL is completely rampant?
The other truth is that this merry go round only take place because we are spending our money on it to keep the wheel moving. I suspect a gigantic fraud is simmering beneath the surface. The thing to do is not get distracted by the ‘trial’ of these greenhorns. We should ask for a public audit of the entire IPL. How about a face book campaign to kickstart the process?

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