Sunday, 22 April 2012


They sit at the table with me
Murad and Sana oiling and checking their assault weapons
And Suvir who looks back in anger.
I can bring no peace between them
Because they were born in strife, progeny of tumult and violence
Children who felt the stirrings of love and left it at that
Their lives in a cross hair, living on the edge.
Can I complain the way they have turned out?
When I only had breathed the kiss of life in them.
Tomorrow my children go out in the wide world
In the bookstores and drawing rooms of many
The umbilical cord strains to be cut
Their fate now slipped out of my hands.
They swim in the wide open sea
Heading for shores that would amaze even me.


  1. Dear Mr. Bhasin,

    I picked up your book on a lark, this sunday... to be very honest i really avoid Indian writers as i have yet not been able to comprehend their biases or writing style...

    Anyways... i love the genre you have written about and hence the decision.

    I am loving your book, its a-m-a-z-i-n-g. You have given us (ohh thank you)the best Indian thriller (in English)! Your story, writing, style, research and a comprehension of the characters mindset is very very impressive.

    Thank you once again... and i hope that you will continue to write...


  2. Murad and Suvir along with Sana really become part of the reader. One feels for them individually no matter which side one is on. Way to Go !!