Monday, 9 April 2012

The buzz in the budget

The little man in the Khadi Gram Udyog Nehru jacket rose to speak
And the well heeled and the mighty sat down to listen
With bated breath and racing heart and blood pressure machines plugged to their chests
The nation froze in anticipation at high noon today
'I rise to present my baaajet!' said the little, big man in perfect babu moshai cadence
Worry lines sprouted on the foreheads of the chattering and the mattering classes
Was the man in a rib tickling comedy show at Palladium mall at Phoenix mills
Or had he just delivered his finest in the hallowed precincts of Parliament?
Alas one would never know
But wait there is more
Pranab da took us on a ticketless cruise liner that sailed from the shores of debt ridden Greece and ended journey in the land of the stuttering but recovering economy
That place dear friends is our motherland itself
Coming out not the least out from a bout of that cursed herpes
In true Vidya Balan style Pranab da spoke tax, tax, tax
Instead of entertainment, entertainment, entertainment
It was of course entertainment of a different kind
That all the big cars, the gold and the travel got taxed and axed
All the stuff I see on TV and can never own
So pleased as punch I drew up my pants
To go shopping for what else but my budget pants
In Pranab Da's socialist glow shining ever so
I ventured out
With a song on my lips and
Nay a worry in my heart

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