Sunday, 29 April 2012


You have so many options in the month of May. You could pick up any glossy and you can see bikini clad girls, sipping cool drinks, frolicking near the pool. Or else you can go the nearest cliff and jump off it. You could book yourself on a private charter flight filled with Gujaratis with cook in tow headed for the Alps. Or maybe you could pack your bags and head off to Auroville at Mother’s ashram. Never to return back to the life you had left behind.
 No I am not saying you ‘eat, pray and love’ and lose yourself. But there is something remarkable about the month of May. I will tell you about that in a minute. But hey do you remember the time when we used to travel by trains (I still do due to my fear of flying)? Many north bound trains pass through Ratlam junction that is somewhere in the middle of the country. The month of May is a bit like the Ratlam junction. It comes somewhere near the middle of your personal journey in the year, especially at a time when your batteries are running almost dry and there is need to recharge them. You think of various options including whether your relationship with your partner has enough fire left in it or you would rather see the glossies and the girls and set out looking for new pastures. Ditto for the women who throws out your travelling bag at you with the terse one liner ‘ get out and pasture like a goat anywhere and spare me this one month alone and away from your stupid daily demands!’
And then you can also take time off this month and wonder the 101 different ways possible to murder your boss! Believe me there is no tax on letting your imagination run wild. This exercise might just liberate you from the repression that has always enslaved you since you were a child.
May is also a month for special bonding. You have always complained that you never had any time to catch up with what all your children have been doing throughout the year. So this is your time pal. But make sure when you spend that quality time with your kids that credit card has been freshly minted and packed with dough. After all real bonding with children only happens when the credit card swipes and the computer games, I pad, blackberry etc flow in one side and your hard earned money exits the other.
Oh! Oh! The month of May! So many promises, so many dreams……all turning to dust!
So here’s the sensible thing to do this May. Go out and buy my book THE TERRORIST and have a great read and I promise that you will not walk away feeling cheated!

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