Monday, 9 April 2012

The Indo Pak hot air balloon

Optimism of a breakthrough about Indo Pak relations never ceases in some sections of our political, bureaucratic class. And there will be always some mediapersons who are more than ready to push this line. President Zardari’s visit to the Ajmer Sharif dargah is being touted as the first step towards a breakthrough in relations between the two countries. Really? Is that really the case?
Look at the two main protagonists in this new initiative. President Zardari who? is perhaps the right way to describe the man’s personal influence in policy making in Pakistan. And even if this visit has the blessings of their army, remember that they also have their backs against the wall due to a variety of reasons and it serves them well to posture, temporarily for peace. But the Pakistan army is a leopard that has not mutated into a more benign creature. It bides its time, the spots unchanged. And out here the Prime Minister means well but at present he is too weakened to take an initiative that will push his embattled Government closer to the edge.
All that this hyperbole does is to revive memories in the minds of people of the horrors of 26/11. The future cannot be build on without first confronting the past.

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