Monday, 9 April 2012

Delhi’s two faces

Like the Greek God Janus, Delhi wears two faces - the beautiful and the ugly. I am a hard core Delhiite but for the last five years I have settled in Mumbai. I arrived in Delhi a month back for preparation for the launch of the book and secondly to get my house in Delhi painted with some minor renovation, especially after my tenants had left.
I arrived at a time when flower beds were teeming with fresh bloom and the air was fresh and crisp. Delhi lay spread out, inviting me with its seductive charms. And then when I had just begun to sip this cup of joy the legions of ugly Delhi crawled out of the woodwork.
The renovation of my house had begun and the Municipal authority (MCD), the ASI (Archaeological survey of India – can you beat it!) and even the cops landed at my house with restrictions –you can’t do this, have malba near the house etc.
“But I am here on a short visit!” I protested.
“Too bad,” they said, if you want work to continue then give us something to smile about!” they all said putting on their best greasy smile.
So much for Anna Hazare and his movement!

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