Saturday, 14 April 2012

Shah rukh thoda rukh ja!

Controversy thy middle name is Shah Rukh Khan and it may be or not because he is a Khan, but to be fair to the man this time he did not court it in the land of the free and the just. It just follows him and to give him credit he can laugh and joke about it but it could not be the most pleasant experience if you are asked to remove your shoes, socks, belt and switch off your cell phone and body searched as if you as if you were a walking human bomb. Maybe this is the price we have to pay for being safe and free but it comes at a cost. Strip searches only deepen prejudices and ossifies opinions of 'us versus them' or a 'war of civilizations.'
Security with a human touch is not  a far fetched idea. Maybe the US immigration authorities can take a cue from our lowly paid but extremely competent security staff at the car parking at Saket mall in Delhi. These guys will smile broadly, offer a namaste and then proceed to thoroughly check your car. So can the US immigration take a hint? Put on your best smile Uncle Sam when you strip search the next time!

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