Monday, 23 April 2012


Some men practice it. Other’s don’t – they couldn’t care less about it, the most notorious among them undoubtedly Bill Clinton and most recently Abhisekh Manu Singhvi.  A seedy ‘CD’ laid bare the erudite lawyer’s preference for squish ejection, but the more pertinent point being does an adherence to oral hygiene define whether one is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’
Seeing the way the poor man has been pilloried by the morality keepers of our country it would appear that the Taliban had taken over the country and introduced a strict regime of do’s and don’ts, especially of the oral hygiene variety. And this is what amazes me how we react, repeatedly, almost as a Pavlovian reaction, whenever somebody else’s sex life comes under the scanner. We are quick to point fingers and condemn but in the same breath we sneer at the lack of democratic freedoms amongst our neighbours.
But are we any different? Most of us have watched these salacious videos on You Tube but in the cold light of the day we appear on news programmes and pretend we haven’t watched them but are ready to hold long discussions on the ethics of the act itself. At times like this when we see the morality keepers hold sway it makes one wonder whether we really are a mature democracy?
If the man has exploited someone sexually or promised favours hang him by all means. But if he is cheating on his wife or does not brush his teeth and rinse his mouth who are we to put him in the dog house? Let these issues be sorted out between Singhvi and his wife. Let’s not go down the American path where many are completely uninhibited in their private lives but expect a strange kind of rigid morality from their President!  

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