Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Freedom for anarchy?

If we are to take some politicians seriously then we should eagerly accept their patronizing, paternalistic, handout homilies on personal freedoms, tape our mouths and shut our Facebook accounts, watch only state television and completely believe that their party rule is a vardaan to their state and country and anyone to question all that is an enemy of the state, an agent provocateur, a person fit enough to be thrown in prison under a wide variety of tough laws that one can choose from.
Quite a mouthful and hey you are wrong if you think I am only referring to Mamta di. Let me share with you one of India's worst kept secrets. Step outside the comfort of Delhi and step into any state outside the capital's borders. Or better still venture even further towards the south or for that matter to the east or the west. Try and speak up against powerful political interests and you might end up believing that south of Sudan is a better place. Sometimes it's a jungle out there and many of the laws framed a long time ago by well meaning men and women are misused to muzzle dissent or for that matter even innocuous opinion.
I would really liked to be proven wrong in my assessments but it is difficult to run away from the truth. Mamta di is a recent phenomenon but the roll call of dishonour of intolerant politicians stretches long and is of old, very old origin in India.

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