Thursday, 19 April 2012

Misssile 'lifts off' mood of the nation

It finally took a missile to lift the despondent mood of the nation. As the Agni 5 lifted upwards we all clapped and cheered, not in the least because we could stand up to the terrorizing dragon in the north but more because we got a respite from  a litany of bad news coming from all parts of the country. Mamta di, suburban, choked trains in Mumbai, little,helpless children abandoned by uncaring parents and a stock market that seems to be in a permanent sulk - you could take your pick what was the worst news headline from them all.
Remember the time when as children during Diwali we used to light up those hawais' or rockets! As the hawai would lift upwards our spirits would soar. Moral of the story it take a ICBM nowadays to cheer about something!
A wise man once said that your joys and miseries are all in the head. That may be so but give us, besides ICBMs', something real to cheer about. The IPL has been a pathetic wash out and even third rate films like Houseful 2 or is it 3 have had record collections at the box office. Well it simply means that the janta is so exhausted and tired of whatever is going on that they are ready to see a pathetic film like Housefull. Decades back, I think in the mid seventies, a completely unknown film called 'Jai Santoshi Ma' became the hit movie of the year. So you can never judge the audience taste, especially when they are bone tired and exhausted by what is on offer!

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